The company re-packs from most types of containers up to 1000kg. Our flexible repackaging stations can pack with accuracy into a range of packs including bulk bags, tote bines, paper and plastic bags, sachet (low melt or water soluble) and plastic containers down to 100 grams. Our packaging lines are set up to re-pack the following:

  • Bag filling up to 25kg
  • Plastic bottle/ container filling from 0.5kg to 25kg
  • Sack filling up to 25kg
  • Liquid drum/ IBC decanting into sachets / containers
  • Low melt and water-soluble EVA sachets
Compounds / Formulation Packaging

We can formulate multiple components into blends or single multiple weighments where required. The pack size can vary from 500 grams to 25kgs, or customers own specs/ pack size, all with SPC.

Dispensing of liquids

We can handle materials in 200 litre drums, 1000 litre IBC’s or 10,000 litre tankers. Our versatile re-packaging unit can dispense with accuracy into EVA sachets, containers (plastic/ metal) and plastic bottles again with the provision of SPC information.

Size Reduction

We offer size reduction on kegs, lumps or agglomerated resinous materials for subsequent re-packaging to customer specific requirements.

Pre-production trials

Our pre-production service is done a trial basis and will duplicate production activities. The purpose of the trial is to provide customer feedback prior to full-scale production.

Raw Materials

For raw material and sourcing requirements please contact our sister company RBH.

More information on these products can be found here



There is ample racked and segregated storage space for goods destined for repacking, at our multi-unit facility on the Wirral. We cater for palletised goods whether bagged, boxed, IBC or bulk bags.